Product Group Product Description Download
Accessories DIN Rail Mounting Kit Ordering No: XM-TSH-35-2
Accessories GSM Antenna Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-ANT-AP01
Accessories GSM Antenna Magnetic Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-ANT-300M
Accessories GSM Stubby Antenna Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-ANT-STB136
Accessories Power Supply Datasheet XM-PSU-001 (Int.)
Ordering No: XM-PSU-001 (Int.)
Accessories Power Supply Datasheet XM-PSU-003 (Euro)
Ordering No: XM-PSU-003 (Euro)
Accessories RF Cable MMCX – SMA Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-C21-150
Accessories RF Cable U.FL – SMA Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-C25-100
Accessories Starter Kit Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-STK-A (AL1100S)
Accessories Starter Kit User's Manual
Ordering No: XM-STK-A (AL1100S)
Accessories UMTS/GSM Ant. Outdoor Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-ANT-606S
Accessories WLAN Antenna Datasheet
Ordering No: XM-ANT-W03
Box Modems XM1400S App. Note DTMF DTMF_APN.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S App. Note Email EMAIL_APN.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S App. Note FTP FTP_HTTP_APN.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S App. Note MMS MMS_APN.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S AT Commands Manual SIM900_AT_Command_Manual_V.1.07.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S Datasheet XM1400S-D00-103.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S Declaration of Conformity XM1400S-C00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S Installation Manual XM1400S-E00-101.pdf
Box Modems XM1400S Quick Start Manual
Box Modems XM1510S AT Commands Manual XM1510S-A00-011.pdf
Box Modems XM1510S Datasheet XM1510S-D00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1510S Declaration of Conformity XM1500S-C00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1510S Installation Manual XM1510S-E00-102.pdf
Box Modems XM1510S Quick Start Manual XM1510S-B00-103.pdf
Box Modems XM1520S AT Commands Manual XM1520S-A00-105.pdf
Box Modems XM1520S Datasheet XM1520S-D00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1520S Declaration of Conformity XM1520S-C00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1520S Installation Manual XM1520S-E00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1530S AT Commands Manual XM1530S-A00-104.pdf
Box Modems XM1530S Datasheet XM1530S-D00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1530S Declaration of Conformity XM1530S-C00-101.pdf
Box Modems XM1530S Installation Manual XM1530S-E00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1540S AT Commands Manual XM1540S-A00-107.pdf
Box Modems XM1540S Datasheet XM1540S-D00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1540S Declaration of Conformity XM1540S-C00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1540S Installation Manual XM1540S-E00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1550U AT Commands Manual XM1550U-A00-103.pdf
Box Modems XM1550U Datasheet XM1550U-D00-101.pdf
Box Modems XM1550U Declaration of Conformity XM1550U-C00-102.pdf
Box Modems XM1550U Installation Manual XM1550U-E00-100.pdf
Box Modems XM1800S Datasheet XM1800S XM1800S-D00-101.pdf
Box Modems XM1810S Datasheet XM1810S XM1810S-D00-101.pdf
Box Modems XM1810S Datasheet XM1810S-IOB1 XM1810S-D01-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7000S AT Commands Manual XM7000S-A00-103.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7000S Datasheet XM7000S-D00-102.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7000S Declaration of Conformity XM7000S-C00-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7000S Designers Guide XM7000S-E00-108.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7000S Migration vom AL7024S XM7000S-B00-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7200S AT Commands Manual XM7200S-A00-103.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7200S Datasheet XM7200S XM7200S-D00-104.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7200S Datasheet XM7200S USB XM7200S-D01-104.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7200S Declaration of Conformity XM7200S-C00-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7200S Designers Guide XM7200S-E00-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7200S Quick Start Manual
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S App. Note DTMF DTMF_APN.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S App. Note Email EMAIL_APN.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S App. Note FTP FTP_HTTP_APN.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S App. Note MMS MMS_APN.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S AT Commands Manual SIM900_AT_Command_Manual_V.1.07.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S Datasheet XM7400S-D00-104.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S Declaration of Conformity XM7400S-C00-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S Designers Guide XM7400S-E00-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7400S Quick Start Manual
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7600S AT Commands Manual XM7600S-A00-102.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7600S Datasheet XM7600S XM7600S-D00-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7600S Datasheet XM7600S-V2 XM7600S-D02-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7600S Declaration of Conformity
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7600S Designers Guide XM7000S-E00-108.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7600S Quick Start Manual
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7800S Datasheet XM7800S XM7800S-D00-102.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM7810S Datasheet XM7810S XM7810S-D00-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S AT Commands Manual ATi_Programmers_Manual_8_40.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Configuration Manual
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Datasheet XM8200S-D00-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Declaration of Conformity XM8200S-C00-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Demonstration
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Designers Guide XM8200S-E00-100.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S iChip-Wifi configuration iChip-WiFi-Configuration_Manual.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Quick Start Manual (Wifi) ConnectOne_DemoCard_24May09.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S Release notes
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8200S User's Manual
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8400S AT Commands Manual XM8400S-A00-101.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8400S Quick Start Manual XM8400S-B00-100.PDF
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8400S Datasheet XM8400S-D00-102.pdf
GSM/WLAN Socket Modems XM8400S Designers Guide XM8400S-E00-101.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1610S AT Commands Manual XM1610S-A00-012.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1610S Datasheet XM1610S-D00-101.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1610S Declaration of Conformity XM1600S-C00-100.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1610S Installation Manual XM1610S-E00-102.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1610S Quick Start Manual XM1610S-B00-103.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1620S AT Commands Manual XM1620S-A00-105.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1620S Datasheet XM1620S-D00-100.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1620S Declaration of Conformity XM1620S-C00-100.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1620S Installation Manual XM1620S-E00-101.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1630S AT Commands Manual XM1630S-A00-104.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1630S Datasheet XM1630S-D00-100.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1630S Declaration of Conformity XM1630S-C00-101.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1630S Installation Manual XM1630S-E00-101.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1640S AT Commands Manual XM1640S-A00-107.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1640S Datasheet XM1640S-D00-100.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1640S Declaration of Conformity XM1640S-C00-100.pdf
Industrie Terminals XM1640S Installation Manual XM1640S-E00-101.pdf
Router XM1700E Datasheet XM1700E-D00-104.pdf
Router XM1700E Declaration of Conformity
Router XM1700E Installation Manual XM1700E-E00-104.pdf
Router XM1710E Datasheet XM1710E-D00-104.pdf
Router XM1710E Declaration of Conformity
Router XM1710E Installation Manual XM1700E-E00-104.pdf
Socket Modems AL2094S AT Commands Manual AL2094S-A00-106.pdf
Socket Modems AL2094S Datasheet AL2094S-D00-103.pdf
Socket Modems AL2094S Declaration of Conformity AL2094S-C00-101.pdf
Socket Modems AL2094S Designers Guide AL2094S-E00-102.pdf
Socket Modems AL3094S AT Commands Manual
Socket Modems AL3094S Datasheet
Socket Modems AL3094S Declaration of Conformity
Socket Modems AL3094S Designers Guide
Socket Modems AL3094S AT Commands Manual AL4094S-A00-105.pdf
Socket Modems AL3094S / AL4094S Datasheet AL3094S AL3094S-D00-108.pdf
Socket Modems AL3094S / AL4094S Datasheet AL4094S AL4094S-D00-108.pdf
Socket Modems AL4094S AT Commands Manual AL4094S-A00-105.pdf
Socket Modems AL4094S Datasheet AL4094S-D00-108.pdf
Socket Modems AL4094S Declaration of Conformity AL4094S-C00-103.pdf
Socket Modems AL4094S Designers Guide AL4094S-E00-103.pdf
Socket Modems AL4200S AT Commands Manual AL4200S-A00-100.pdf
Socket Modems AL4200S Datasheet AL4200S-D00-110.pdf
Socket Modems AL4200S Declaration of Conformity AL4200S-C00-101.pdf
Socket Modems AL4200S Designers Guide AL4200S-E00-105.pdf
Socket Modems AL5058S AT Commands Manual AL5068S-A00-107.pdf
Socket Modems AL5058S Datasheet AL5068S AL5068S-D00-110.pdf
Socket Modems AL5058S Datasheet AL5068S2 AL5068S-D01-110.pdf
Socket Modems AL5058S Datasheet AL5068SI AL5068S-D02-110.pdf
Socket Modems AL5058S Declaration of Conformity AL5068S-C00-102.pdf
Socket Modems AL5058S Designers Guide AL5068S-E00-106.pdf
Socket Modems AL5068S Datasheet AL5068S-D00-110.pdf
Socket Modems AL6000S Datasheet AL6000S-D00-112.pdf
Socket Modems AL6000S Declaration of Conformity AL6000S-C00-101.pdf
Socket Modems AL6000S Designers Guide AL6000S-E00-102.pdf
Socket Modems AL6000S User's Manual AL6000S-A00-106.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S Application note XM3000S-B00-100.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S AT Commands Manual XM3000S-A00-103.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S Datasheet XM3092S XM3092S-D00-102.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S Datasheet XM3192S XM3192S-D00-102.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S Declaration of Conformity XM3000S-C00-101.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S Designers Guide XM3000S-E00-101.pdf
Socket Modems XM3092S / XM3192S XM3092S/XM3192S XM3192S-D00-102.pdf
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